The purpose of the journal is to improve the quality of PMR in Kerala.

The journal panels are per NMC competencies.

The Clinician section accepts topics like: Case reports, Cold call, Scales I use, Invited Author. The Lifelong learner section accepts topics like: Medical Education, quizzes, Things patients taught me, book review. The Communicator section accepts topics like: historical narratives, members in action.

The Leader and team member section accepts topics like: what have I done to improve (theme related), leadership articles.

The Professional section accepts topics like: leadership, economics, political issues, Survey results. 

KJPMR Board Members

Senior Advisory Panel : Dr. Hariharan S, Dr. U Nandakumar Nair, Dr. N George Joseph

Editor : Dr. Bineesh Balakrishnan 

Lifelong learner Panel Manager : Dr. Bineesh Balakrishnan

Communicator Panel Manager : Dr. Reeba Mani, Clinician,

Panel manager : Dr. Ravi Sankaran

Associated board members : Dr/ Sr Shigy Francis, Dr. Shiby TG, Dr. Santosh Raghavan, Dr. Muralidharan PC, Dr. Selvan Ponnayyan, Dr. Arun A John





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+91 9447303550

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Kerala Chapter of IAPMR, Department of PMR Govt Medical College, Trivandrum