Curative medicine alone was widely practiced worldwide since centuries overlooking the great economic and social burden resulting from consequences and complications of diseases and injuries. By the end of last century, the need for effective management of consequences and complications of diseases in order to limit disability and for comprehensive rehabilitation of the disabled to make them less dependent and more productive is identified. More over the rights of the disabled were recognized worldwide and as per the recommendations of the World Health Organisation, the Government of India passed the Persons with Disability Act in 1995 ensuring full participation and equal rights for the disabled and Rights of Persons with Disability Act in 2016. A PMR unit is the indispensable establishment in healthcare setup to deal with various health issues of the disabled. It also caters a wide range of patients with musculoskeletal and neurological abnormalities and ailments. Thus a PMR unit is an unavoidable entity in any health care setup.

Most patients with chronic orthopaedic, muscular and neurologic conditions need to be rehabilitated to bring them back to the mainstream of the society. Rehabilitation is a team approach. The Rehabilitation team consists of group of medical and paramedical personnel, who work to achieve a common goal of rehabilitation. Ideally the team leader should be a Physiatrist (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist) who possess a post graduate degree in Physical Medicine & rehabilitation after MBBS Course. The other team members are paramedical personnel like physiotherapist, occupational therapist, rehabilitation nurse, psychologist, orthotist, prosthetist, rehabilitation co-ordinator etc. Other Medical Specialists like Orthopaedic surgeon, Physician, Neurologist, Urologist etc may be consulted by the Physiatrist as and when needed.

Services provided in a PMR Unit

1. Outpatient services

2. In patient services

3. Stroke Rehabilitation

4. Spinal cord Injury Rehabilitation

5. Early intervention services.

6. Rehabilitation Surgery

7. Physical therapy

8. Electrotherapy

9. Exercise therapy

10. Occupational therapy section

11. Orthotic and prosthetic wing

12. Electro diagnostic services

13. Board for Disability Assessment

14. Research activities

15. Community based rehabilitation

16. Vocational rehabilitation

17. Socio economic support

In short, a fully functioning PMR unit is essential for the rehabilitation of the disabled and also for the continuation of treatment of most musculoskeletal and neurologic conditions managed by the orthopaedic surgeon , physician , surgeon and neurologist during their acute phase. In the absence of such an unit, such conditions are left unattended causing a heavy social and economic burden for the community.




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